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Dogfooding the Presentation API

Dominik, Anssi, Louay and I have been working on a series of demos to experiment with the Presentation API and hopefully iron out edge cases in the API early on.

Demos that have been assembled so far:

  • The initial video sharing demo that lets one present a video on a second screen using an HTML video player.
  • The <video> sharing demo that investigates using the HTMLMediaElement interface to control a video presented on a second screen.
  • The HTML Slidy remote demo that takes the URL of a slide show made with HTML Slidy and presents it on a second screen, turning the first screen into a slide show remote.
  • The Fraunhofer FOKUS’ Competence Center Future Applications and Media (FAME) has also been working on a number of implementations of the Presentation API as part of FAMIUM, an end-to-end prototype implementation for early technology evaluation and interoperability testing introduced by FAME.

Different types of second screens are supported depending on the demo considered, using custom version of Web browsers, browser extensions, etc. All demos fallback to opening the content in a separate browser window.

We will try to keep these demos aligned with the evolutions of the Presentation API, and complete the Presentation API demos page with additional ones over time. Feel free to share demos or suggestions on the group’s mailing-list!

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