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3 Responses to Hello world!

  • Markus Isomäki


    This is an interesting effort. I have a couple of questions, though: 1.) How does this relate to the Bluetooth API work done in the W3C Systems Applications WG?, 2.) Is Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy) specifically in scope in addition to the traditional Bluetooth?


  • Jeffrey Yasskin

    Re (1), this community group is intended to focus specifically on a bluetooth API that adheres to the Web’s security model and can be implemented in web browsers. SysApps has Bluetooth chartered with low level APIs cited, but also has a charter renewal approaching and hasn’t had previous activity on bluetooth. The community group allows folks to focus for now on discussing an API in W3C on a track that leads to recommendation. We aim to bring this work to an appropriate WG at a later stage.

    Re (2), Bluetooth Smart is actually more in scope than Bluetooth Classic, at least for the first version of the API. Power consumption is an increasingly important concern, and GATT’s key/value-based protocol appears to offer better security characteristics than BR/EDR’s tendency toward byte-stream protocols.


  • Hello,

    I hope that this is a forum for this question?

    Looking for a solution to a particular application of Bluetooth.

    Are there any systems that allow multiple people to connect to a common audio stream using their personal bluetooth devices?

    This is for listening to a tv display in a public area.


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