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  • Phil Barker's profile picture

    Phil Barker

    PJJK Limited


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    adeel ahmad

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Nader Alrawahi's profile picture

    Nader Alrawahi

    Swiftship Inc.

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    Dan Brickley

    Google LLC

  • Andrew Cunsolo's profile picture

    Andrew Cunsolo

    Talemetry Inc.

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    Taylor Davis


  • Susie DePianto's profile picture

    Susie DePianto

    Google LLC

  • Mike Ellsworth's profile picture

    Mike Ellsworth

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Deborah Everhart

    Credential Engine

  • Lloyd Fasssett's profile picture

    Lloyd Fasssett

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Azteria

  • Greg Fullard's profile picture

    Greg Fullard

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Matthew Gee

    University of Chicago

  • James Goodell's profile picture

    James Goodell

    Quality Information Partners

  • Simon Grant's profile picture

    Simon Grant

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Cetis LLP

  • Nathan Harris's profile picture

    Nathan Harris

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Alexander Jackl's profile picture

    Alexander Jackl

    Bardic Systems, Inc.

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    Magnus Kvalevåg


  • Joseph Marsh's profile picture

    Joseph Marsh

    3 Story Software

  • david mason's profile picture

    david mason

    Talent Cloud

  • Merrilea Mayo's profile picture

    Merrilea Mayo

    Mayo Enterprises, LLC

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    Yatharth (Arjun) Mishra

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Greg Nadeau's profile picture

    Greg Nadeau

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Public Consulting Group

  • Nate Otto's profile picture

    Nate Otto

    Concentric Sky

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    Thomas Plagge


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    Syeda Rasool

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Ronald Ray's profile picture

    Ronald Ray

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Eduworks Corporation

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    Danielle Saunders


  • Jason Sole's profile picture

    Jason Sole

    DirectEmployers Association

  • Martin Solli's profile picture

    Martin Solli


  • Stuart Sutton's profile picture

    Stuart Sutton

    Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

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    Vicki Tardif

    Google LLC

  • Valerie Thomas's profile picture

    Valerie Thomas

    Talent Cloud

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    Jason Tyszko

    US Chamber of Commerce

  • Julie Uranis's profile picture

    Julie Uranis

    University Professional Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)

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    Joshua Westfall

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

  • D7460N ~'s profile picture

    D7460N ~

    Individual CLA commitment