Identifying courses by provider and name

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Identifying a course by provider and name allows searchers to find information about a known course, for example one on which they have already enrolled (use case 3, requirement n).

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The existing provider and offeredBy and property should be used to indicate who is making the course available, and name is used for the name of the course.


Example 1. Describing one offering of an online course.

Based on Coursera Data Scientist's Toolbox Code example

    name: The Data Scientist's Toolbox
    provider: Johns Hopkins University
    hasCourseInstance [CourseInstance]
        courseMode: MOOC
        courseMode: online
        offers	[Offer]
            price: 0
            offeredBy: Coursera


<body vocab="">
<!-- A MOOC / free online course. As a simple one-off course -->
<!-- Based on -->

<main typeof="Course" style="border: 1px solid grey;  width: 90%; margin: 10px">
  <h1 property="name">The Data Scientist's Toolbox</h1>
  <h2 property="provider">Johns Hopkins University</h2>
  <div rel="hasCourseInstance" typeof="CourseInstance">
    <meta property="courseMode" content="MOOC" />
    <meta property="courseMode" content="online" />
    <span rel="offers" typeOf="Offer">
      <meta property="price" content="0" />
      <meta property="offeredBy" content="Coursera">