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Requirement g, that it must be possible to identify the organisation/s which is/are offering/have developed/have endorsed the course arises from the use case of wanting to be able to select courses based on their "provenance".

While in many cases the provider, developer and offerer of a course will be the same, there will be significant examples where this is not the so. Consider the Coursera Data Scientist's Toolbox example, which is originates from Johns Hopkins University but is made available via Coursera.

Note: providing a course goes beyond creating it as it implies some degree of academic responsibility for accrediting the content of the course, perhaps running assessments etc.

Discussion: Organizations providing and offering course


Use the existing offeredBy property to indicate who is making the course available. "Both Course and CourseInstance inherit the offers property which would be used to identify individual Offer(s). Offer has the offeredBy property to reference the offering organisation/institution." RJW

Use the existing provider property inherited by Course from CreativeWork to identify the Organization which is responsible for providing the educational input for the course, e.g. providing content, educational events, assessments, accreditation etc.


Example 1. Describing one offering of an online course.

Based on Coursera Data Scientist's Toolbox Code example

    name: The Data Scientist's Toolbox
    provider: Johns Hopkins University
    hasCourseInstance [CourseInstance]
        courseMode: MOOC
        courseMode: online
        offers	[Offer]
            price: 0
            offeredBy: Coursera


<body vocab="">
<!-- A MOOC / free online course. As a simple one-off course -->
<!-- Based on -->

<main typeof="Course" style="border: 1px solid grey;  width: 90%; margin: 10px">
  <h1 property="name">The Data Scientist's Toolbox</h1>
  <h2 property="provider">Johns Hopkins University</h2>
  <div rel="hasCourseInstance" typeof="CourseInstance">
    <meta property="courseMode" content="MOOC" />
    <meta property="courseMode" content="online" />
    <span rel="offers" typeOf="Offer">
      <meta property="price" content="0" />
      <meta property="offeredBy" content="Coursera">