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The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

MOOC, online course (part of the Data Science Specialization)

Simplified version with markup.

Fife College course HNC Accounting

currently, three offerings at different venues on variable dates

Simplified version with markup.

PTC Basic Proof Reading

Correspondence courses / paper-based distance learning

Simplified version with markup.

Edinburgh City Council Community Learning

Evening classes, adult education: (click on for detailed information about individual courses, e.g. Cake Decoration )

Simplified version with markup.

Physics BSc (Hons) at Bristol

University course (face to face enrolment) Many listed at UCAS for example

Simplified version with markup.

examples at Guardian courses

Day-long courses

MIT OCW Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry

University course (courseware) see also MIT 12.335/12.835 Exp Atmospheric Chemistry

Dental Assisting Certificate

U.S. Community College program of study and an associated course: Clinical Practice 1

Futurelearn course WW1 Heroism: Through Art and Film

One online course four offerings: 1 past, 1 ongoing, 2 future)

Lynda.com course Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals

Duration of videos but no start or end date or other events


Plus many many more in comment stream on github issue schemaorg/schemaorg #195