Identifying courses by provider and code

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Identifying a course by provider and the code they use to identify a course allows searchers to find information about a known course, for example one on which they have already enrolled (use case 3, requirement o).

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The existing provider and offeredBy and property should be used to indicate who is making the course available.

courseCode a new property of Course is proposed, with expected type text and definition: The identifier used for the Course by the course provider (e.g. CS101 or 6.001).


Example 1. Course offered by a University

Based on Bristol Physics course (on UCAS site) Code example.

<!-- a BSc Programme, offered face-to-face at a University -->
  name: Physics
  provider [CollegeOrUniversity]: 
    name: University of Bristol
  courseCode: F300


<body vocab="">
<!--based on -->
    <div typeof="Course">
        <h2 property="name">
        <div property="provider" typeOf="CollegeOrUniversity">
            <a property="url" href="/provider/324/university-of-bristol">
                <span property="name">University of Bristol</span> 
            Course code
            <div property="courseCode">F300</div>