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  • Phil Barker's profile picture

    Phil Barker

    PJJK Limited


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    Abdulaziz Aldaej

    Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University

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    bassel alsous

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Jose-Luis Ambite's profile picture

    Jose-Luis Ambite

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with University of Southern California

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    Nathan Argo

    SIU Center for Workforce Development

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    Haydee Artaza

    Earlham Institute

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    Isabel Azevedo

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto

  • Avron Barr's profile picture

    Avron Barr

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Michelle Brennan's profile picture

    Michelle Brennan

    Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)

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    Dan Brickley

    Google LLC

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    Anthony Camilleri

    European Commission

  • Mark Chipman's profile picture

    Mark Chipman

    Commerce Integration

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    Dale conway

    Memorial University

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    Sarah Cunningham

    American Council on Education

  • Stefan Dietze's profile picture

    Stefan Dietze

    L3S Research Center

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    Russell Duhon


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    hdege fgfgfv

    Individual CLA commitment

  • James Goodell's profile picture

    James Goodell

    Quality Information Partners

  • Huayang Guo's profile picture

    Huayang Guo


  • Jason Haag's profile picture

    Jason Haag

    Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative

  • Rafael Jimenez's profile picture

    Rafael Jimenez


  • Jordi Juárez Mecías's profile picture

    Jordi Juárez Mecías

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Universitat de Lleida

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    Joe Karaganis

    The American Assembly at Columbia University

  • Ali Kayn's profile picture

    Ali Kayn

    Festivale Online Magazine

  • Jeanne Kitchens's profile picture

    Jeanne Kitchens

    SIU Center for Workforce Development

  • Chris Lowis's profile picture

    Chris Lowis


  • Joshua Marks's profile picture

    Joshua Marks

    Public Consulting Group

  • Vera G. Meister's profile picture

    Vera G. Meister

    University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

  • Eva Méndez's profile picture

    Eva Méndez

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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    Pru Mitchell

    Australian Council for Educational Research

  • Liddy Nevile's profile picture

    Liddy Nevile

    Sunrise Research Laboratory

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    Amandine NICOLAS

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Nikos Palavitsinis's profile picture

    Nikos Palavitsinis

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Computer Technology Institute & Press "Diophantus"

  • Alan Paull's profile picture

    Alan Paull

    APS Ltd

  • Jonathan Poltrack's profile picture

    Jonathan Poltrack

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with ADL Initiative

  • Dmytro Potekhin's profile picture

    Dmytro Potekhin

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Guruprassad Raghavendran

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Tavis Reddick's profile picture

    Tavis Reddick

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Fife College

  • Robby Robson's profile picture

    Robby Robson

    Eduworks Corporation

  • Jim Saiya's profile picture

    Jim Saiya

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Eriam Schaffter

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Stuart Sutton's profile picture

    Stuart Sutton

    Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

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    Vicki Tardif

    Google LLC

  • James Tauber's profile picture

    James Tauber


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    Wes Turner

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Richard Wallis's profile picture

    Richard Wallis

    Individual CLA commitment

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    David Weinberger

    Individual CLA commitment