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2 Responses to The related project Schematron QuickFix is online

  • Rick Jelliffe

    This looks great! For years people have been asking that Schematron rules should trigger actions: doing this through a community organisation like W3C is very practical. Good work!

    May I suggest a possible feature, which is probably the most common thing people ask for?: after doing all the quickfixes, allow a new round of validate/fix in a different schematron phase of with different parameters. This would allow multistage fixes, or for a default fix to be applied only when previous specific fixes did not do the trick.


  • Nico Kutscherauer

    Hello Rick,

    thank you for your feedback!

    I’m not sure, if I understood your feature correctly! Maybe you can demonstrate it on the public mailing list of this group (

    And of course you are invited to join this group.

    Best Regards,


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