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  • Wendy Reid's profile picture

    Wendy Reid

    Rakuten Group, Inc.

  • Tzviya Siegman's profile picture

    Tzviya Siegman



  • Virginia Balseiro's profile picture

    Virginia Balseiro

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Ann Bassetti's profile picture

    Ann Bassetti

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Irene Bogues's profile picture

    Irene Bogues

    Individual CLA commitment

  • David Booth's profile picture

    David Booth

    Individual CLA commitment

  • No Photo

    Carine Bournez


  • Sarven Capadisli's profile picture

    Sarven Capadisli

    Individual CLA commitment

  • No Photo

    Heejin Chung

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • No Photo

    Rachel Comerford

    Macmillan Learning

  • April Daly's profile picture

    April Daly

    Lab Objects Corp

  • Marisa DeMeglio's profile picture

    Marisa DeMeglio

    DAISY Consortium

  • Nick Doty's profile picture

    Nick Doty

    Center for Democracy and Technology

  • Killian Downing's profile picture

    Killian Downing

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Europeana

  • Stephen Ekpa's profile picture

    Stephen Ekpa

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Didier Gehrer's profile picture

    Didier Gehrer

    Individual CLA commitment

  • No Photo

    Benjamin Goering

    Protocol Labs

  • Annette Greiner's profile picture

    Annette Greiner

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Amy Guy's profile picture

    Amy Guy

    Digital Bazaar

  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux's profile picture

    Dominique Hazaël-Massieux


  • Barbara Hochgesang's profile picture

    Barbara Hochgesang

    Intel Corporation

  • Deborah Kaplan's profile picture

    Deborah Kaplan

    Individual CLA commitment

  • No Photo

    Guruprasad Khadke


  • No Photo

    Stacy Kim

    Individual CLA commitment

  • JaEun Jemma Ku's profile picture

    JaEun Jemma Ku

    University of Illinois

  • No Photo

    Shahaf Levi

    Sl's Repository Ltd

  • Liz Lutgendorff's profile picture

    Liz Lutgendorff

    HM Government

  • Nigel Megitt's profile picture

    Nigel Megitt

    British Broadcasting Corporation

  • No Photo

    Merric Moon

    Moon Enterprise

  • No Photo

    Sheila Moussavi


  • Theresa O'Connor's profile picture

    Theresa O'Connor

    Apple Inc.

  • Korede Olubowale's profile picture

    Korede Olubowale

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with University of Toronto

  • Robert Prince's profile picture

    Robert Prince

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Christopher Regan's profile picture

    Christopher Regan

    Thematix Partners, LLC

  • Florian Rivoal's profile picture

    Florian Rivoal

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Phee rujiphan's profile picture

    Phee rujiphan

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Zeit Online

  • No Photo

    Cybele Sack

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Boaz Sender's profile picture

    Boaz Sender


  • Teketkom Shalimov's profile picture

    Teketkom Shalimov


  • Jeanne F Spellman's profile picture

    Jeanne F Spellman

    TetraLogical Services Ltd

  • Jennifer Strickland's profile picture

    Jennifer Strickland

    MITRE Corporation

  • Ralph Swick's profile picture

    Ralph Swick


  • Nishad Thalhath's profile picture

    Nishad Thalhath

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with University of Tsukuba

  • No Photo

    Nikolas Toner

    Macmillan Learning

  • Amy van der Hiel's profile picture

    Amy van der Hiel


  • Shruti Vellanki's profile picture

    Shruti Vellanki

    Individual CLA commitment

  • No Photo

    Léonie Watson

    TetraLogical Services Ltd

  • AGUS WIDIYANTO's profile picture


    Super Market

  • Chris Wilson's profile picture

    Chris Wilson

    Google LLC

  • Rachel Yager's profile picture

    Rachel Yager

    FortuneTimes Group

  • No Photo

    Jeffrey Yasskin

    Google LLC