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Co-chair meeting minutes: August 16, 2022

Community Group meeting

Our community group meeting is scheduled to take place on 15 September 2022 as part of W3C TPAC 2022. If you are planning to attend any other sessions at the conference, you should register before 1 September. Please be aware that registration for this year’s TPAC attracts a fee, unlike last year’s conference. If you only plan to attend our Community Group meeting, then you do not need to register for TPAC, but you do need to register your intention to attend by completing this form. If you do not register, either for TPAC or by completing our registration form, you will not be able to attend the meeting.

As a reminder, the meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 15 September 2022 at 8:00am San Francisco, 11:00am New York, 4:00pm London, 5:00pm Frankfurt, 12:00am (Friday) Tokyo.


Adrian has created pull request #285 for issue #284 concerning the encoding of multi-measure rests. We plan to merge this pull request by the end of the week, so if you have any further feedback, please provide it as soon as possible. Use the links in the pull request to view the updated specification and the examples directly.

Next, Adrian will start working on the encoding of note spelling in different layouts (related to issue #34), following some earlier discussion between the co-chairs (May 24, 2022 meeting). Adrian will create a new issue with a proposal for this soon.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 30 August 2022.

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