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Co-chair meeting minutes: May 24, 2022


The co-chairs had a productive discussion to guide the initial proposals for issue #34, concerning the differences between score and part layouts. Adrian had identified five specific areas that should certainly be considered: note spelling; stem direction; initial clefs; multi-bar rests; and cues.

After some discussion about different potential approaches to cues, the co-chairs agreed that we would discuss that issue separately, as there is sufficient complexity to warrant designing a solution on its own terms.

For note spelling, stem direction and clefs, the co-chairs agreed that it should be sufficient in most cases to encode an optional alternate spelling and stem direction to be used when the music is viewed at sounding or concert pitch (since MNX encodes everything at written or transposed pitch), with the additional proposal that it should be possible to define an alternative transposition for an instrument in each layout, and a corresponding alternate initial clef, to cater for simple cases defining mutiple layouts with different transpositions for the same instrument.

For multi-bar rests, the co-chairs agreed that it would be sufficient to define ranges of multi-bar rests in layouts in a simple way, and Adrian will begin the work on issue #34 by forming a proposal for the encoding of multi-bar rests, before proceeding to tackle note spelling, stem direction, and clefs.

Community Group meeting

We have not received any negative feedback that suggests that holding our next Community Group meeting as part of the hybrid TPAC 2022 conference will be a problem, so we will be submitting a proposal to the TPAC organisers to schedule our meeting on Thursday 15 September 2022 as discussed in the last co-chairs’ meeting. We will advise CG members on the outcome of this proposal as soon as we hear back from the organisers.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 7 June 2022.

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