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    Mark Pesce


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    Aaron Abbott

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    Matt Adcock


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    Keith Ahern

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    Sid B

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    Dulce Baerga

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    Joe Boyle

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    Brent Britton

  • Don Brutzman's profile picture

    Don Brutzman

    Web3D Consortium

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    David Cake

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    Ross Cevenst

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    Justin Couch

    CHOICE (Australian Consumers' Association)

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    François Daoust


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    Roy Davies


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    Barton Denny

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    Alberto Elias

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    Lindsay Evans


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    Rebecca Evans

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    Casper Fabricius

    Cimmerce IVS

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    Didier Gehrer

  • John Gwinner's profile picture

    John Gwinner

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    Silvio Haedrich

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    Steve Hansen

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    Dushan Hanuska

  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux's profile picture

    Dominique Hazaël-Massieux


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    Damon Hernandez

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    Xavier Ho


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    Iker Jamardo

    Google LLC

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    Stephen Konig

    Google LLC

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    Jelina Korhecz

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    Michela Ledwidge


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    Shao-Chuan Lee

  • Jordi Martos's profile picture

    Jordi Martos

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    Mike McCann

    Web3D Consortium

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    Edward Miller

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    Livio Mondini

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    Matt Morris

  • Chris Needham's profile picture

    Chris Needham

    British Broadcasting Corporation

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    Stoyan Nikolov

    Coherent Labs

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    Kwanghoon Oh

    Staryx Inc.

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    Michael Ottey

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    AJ Peralta

    Hikari Group

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    Christine Perey

  • Michael Petychakis's profile picture

    Michael Petychakis

    National Technical University of Athens

  • Dani Philia's profile picture

    Dani Philia

  • Zac Pullen's profile picture

    Zac Pullen


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    Vinay Ramananda

    Wipro Technologies

  • Sandy Ressler's profile picture

    Sandy Ressler

    National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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    Shane Robinson

  • Owen Rowley's profile picture

    Owen Rowley

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    Nolan Shah

  • Teketkom Shalimov's profile picture

    Teketkom Shalimov


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    Jeffrey Sonstein

  • Michal Takáč's profile picture

    Michal Takáč


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    Toby Tremayne

    Magic Industries

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    Philippe van Nedervelde

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    David Vosnacos

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    Oliver Weidlich

  • Viveka Weiley's profile picture

    Viveka Weiley

    CHOICE (Australian Consumers' Association)

  • Jennifer Wilson's profile picture

    Jennifer Wilson