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We have started collecting concrete proposals

As we mentioned in the previous post, we have been collected a bunch of use cases of HTTPS-enabled local network devices so far. Obviously, there are valuable results that would prove importance of HTTPS connectivity for local network devices.

To accelerate our discussion, we have started collecting concrete proposals based on use cases and requirements on HTTPS-enabled local network devices. Our main purpose is clarification and exploration at least, so any forms of proposal are welcome. Although a concrete proposal that specifies detailed algorithm and procedure would be highly appreciated, creating an issue for a minor suggestion or just giving comments is welcome as well.

We would like to make this work go forward, so we still need your kind participation and contribution.

At TPAC 2018, we are going to have our first F2F meeting on October 25 Thursday. In the meeting, we are planning to introduce the brief summary of our previous work, use cases and requirements, and have a short discussion on the next action to explore proposals.

Looking forward to seeing you at TPAC in Lyon!

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