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W3C Games Community Group New Game Summit November 2011

The Games Community Group met after the November 2011 Games Community Group Summit.

We collaboratively took notes, and have summarized our work in a W3C Games Community Group Summit Nov 2011 Summit Report.

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This report focuses on practical notes for the operation of the group, as well as our position on the following 17 open web standards that the games group cares about:

Existing feature overview

  • Mouselock / input locking
  • Joystick API (gamepad API (scott and ted))
  • Improvements to Web Workers

New Features

  • Orientation lock
  • Keyboard lock
  • Hardware feature detection
  • Access to screen pixel density
  • Surround sound audio support
  • General improvements to audio tag
  • High performance timers
  • Real-time peer-to-peer communications
  • Screenshot API
  • Advanced canvas rendering capabilities
  • Vector/Matrix in Javascript
  • ParrallelArray in JavaScript
  • WebGL in webworker
  • New WebGL APIs

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