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Our extension is in v3.2 release candidate!

Dear All,

Again, some time has passed since we were promoted to but now we are very close to the promotion to the official “pending” status (i.e. to The nature of extensions in pending is such that they already can be used for PRODUCTION sites, as they share the namespace with the main

In practical terms, we will very soon be able to use all the terms we proposed, both for core and for, since the publication initially planned for May 15th ( v3.2).

You can review the release candidate at:

Dan Brickley invites us all to report possible “bugs, mistakes, typos, modeling and example improvements and other detailed review comments are welcome here or in the issue tracker at:

We are very happy as very soon we will be able to start the real work: using our extension on live websites!

We will also soon propose the FIBO Community Group call aiming at invigoration of the Group activity.






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