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    Florent Georges

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    Mohamed ZERGAOUI



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    Carine Bournez


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    Abel Braaksma

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    Matthias Brantner

    28msec Inc.

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    Jonas B├╝low

    Schneider Electric

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    Loren Cahlander


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    David Carlisle

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    Alain Couthures


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    Joseph Crowther

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    Sergey Fedotov

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    Yves Forkl

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    Didier Gehrer

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    Luis Ibhiabor

  • Gerrit Imsieke's profile picture

    Gerrit Imsieke

    le-tex publishing services GmbH

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    Joel Kalvesmaki

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    Michael Kay


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    Martin Kraetke

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    John Lumley

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    Dan McCreary

    Kelly-McCreary & Associates

  • Tomislav Novak's profile picture

    Tomislav Novak

    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics

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    Liam Quin

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    Adam Retter

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    Anthony Rogers

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    Michael Seiferle

    BaseX GmbH

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    Michael Sokolov


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    Michael Sperberg-McQueen

    Black Mesa Technologies LLC

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    Claudius Teodorescu

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    Conal Tuohy

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    Rob Walpole

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    Joe Wicentowski