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Participants in the Decentralized Sharing Community Group


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  • Dulce Baerga

  • No Photo

    Fabien Bourigault

  • No Photo

    Pierre Chapuis

    Lima Technology

  • No Photo

    Pierre Coupet

    Virtual Organization Management Institute

  • Simone Crimella

  • Michiel de Jong

    Unhosted e.V.

  • Pavlik elf

  • Paul Free

  • No Photo

    Chris Gotcu

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with eGlobalTech

  • Daniel Harris

  • No Photo

    Rouven Heck


  • No Photo

    Frank Karlitschek

  • No Photo

    Nicky nitin

  • Michael Petychakis

    National Technical University of Athens

  • Matthias Pfefferle

  • Jon Richter

  • No Photo

    aldo salvani

  • Teketkom Shalimov


  • No Photo

    Paul Tran-Van