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Community & Business Groups

E-Participation and Calendar, Scheduling and Tasks Software

Ideas are broached pertaining to new and emerging uses of calendar, scheduling and tasks software in educational, business and community scenarios.

City governments can provide calendar services and location aware service discovery can ease configuration so that users can synchronize their calendars to show city government events and local e-participation opportunities. Envisioned is a toggle specifically for such events, as some applications have settings for the birthdays of contacts or for holidays.

The categories of events are as broad as uses of collaborative software and productivity software for e-participation.

Categories of events include opinion polls. Opinion polls might open at a time, close at a time and involve scheduling participation with estimated duration. The heuristics might resemble scheduling appointments with virtual pollsters; users could observe opinion poll intervals on their calendars to then schedule participation as they might schedule appointments.

Location aware calendar-related services also include community calendars as well as event calendars provided by local newspapers.


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