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Proposed Group: Equity Community Group

The Equity Community Group has been proposed by Jennifer Strickland:

The Equity CG seeks to enable equity in W3C processes, specifications, and expertise. Equality is equal access, while ‘equity’ is equal outcomes (Antoinette Carroll, Creative Reaction Lab Founder ( The Equity CG will discuss approaches to creating more equitable specifications and implementations of those specifications. The group will determine whether it wants to address internal specifications (as in a self-review questionnaire before CR) or provide a tool for assessing equity (like WCAG). This will require recruiting experts in equity as well as those who reflect the diversity of the world and will take time. In time, the CG hopes to propose an Equity Horizontal Review Board (HRB).

You are invited to support the creation of this group. Once the group has a total of five supporters, it will be launched and people can join to begin work. In order to support the group, you will need a W3C account.

Once launched, the group will no longer be listed as “proposed”; it will be in the list of current groups.

If you believe that there is an issue with this group that requires the attention of the W3C staff, please send us email on

Thank you,
W3C Community Development Team

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