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Unhosted Unconference and Hackathon, 6-10 September 2013

It’s almost time for o/ most of us will probably be staying at the Golf Hotel in Unhošť Amerika

Some people will arrive earlier, but we officially start on 6 September with a touristic walk through Prague.

7 and 8 September are Unconference: anyone can prepare a talk, and we will record all talks and publish the videos afterwards. As a venue we want to use Square, the bar on the village square, which has great burgers, cheap beer, and a good space for us with a projector.

9 and 10 September will be hackathon: last year, we noticed so many good ideas came up during the Unconference that it was a pity we couldn’t stay another couple of days to implement them. That’s why we added two days of hackathon this year.

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