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  • Ansgar Gerlicher's profile picture

    Ansgar Gerlicher

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with Stuttgart Media University

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    Ted Guild



  • Isaac Agudo's profile picture

    Isaac Agudo

    Universidad de Málaga

  • Kazuyuki Ashimura's profile picture

    Kazuyuki Ashimura


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    Ulf Bjorkengren

    Ford Motor Company

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    Carine Bournez


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    Paul Boyes


  • Pierre-Antoine Champin's profile picture

    Pierre-Antoine Champin


  • Nick Doty's profile picture

    Nick Doty

    Center for Democracy and Technology

  • Kara Grasso's profile picture

    Kara Grasso

    360 of Me

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    Niclas Gyllenram

    Aiden Automotive

  • Ajay Jadhav's profile picture

    Ajay Jadhav


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    Philippe Le Berre

    360 of Me

  • Danh Le Phuoc's profile picture

    Danh Le Phuoc

    Technische Universitaet Berlin

  • Wonsuk Lee's profile picture

    Wonsuk Lee

    Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

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    Jessie Lowell

    National Network to End Domestic Violence

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    Elizabeth Magana

    Privacy4Cars, Inc.

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    Dulany Phillips


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    Future of Privacy Forum

  • Dirk Schnelle-Walka's profile picture

    Dirk Schnelle-Walka

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Craig Smith

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Manu Sporny's profile picture

    Manu Sporny

    Digital Bazaar

  • Rudolf Streif's profile picture

    Rudolf Streif

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Stefannie Tan

    SBI Holdings

  • Raphaël Troncy's profile picture

    Raphaël Troncy

    Institut Mines-Télécom

  • Marty Voshell's profile picture

    Marty Voshell

    Individual CLA commitment

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    Martin Voshell Jr.

    RCG, Inc

  • Samuel Weiler's profile picture

    Samuel Weiler

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Robin Wilson's profile picture

    Robin Wilson

    Individual CLA commitment

  • Rachel Yager's profile picture

    Rachel Yager

    FortuneTimes Group

  • Benjamin Young's profile picture

    Benjamin Young

    Digital Bazaar