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CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 reaches Recommendation

By Florian Rivoal June 21, 2018 (Permalink)
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The CSS WG has published the CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 as a Recommendation.

This specification describes user interface related properties and values to style HTML and XML. It includes and extends user interface related features from the properties and values of CSS level 2 revision 1. It uses various properties and values to style basic user interface elements in a document: box-sizing, outline (and related longhand properties), resize, text-overflow, cursor, and caret-color.

There were a few editorial changes since publication as a Proposed Recommendation, listed in the Changes section. An Implementation Report is available.

Errata will be maintained as necessary. Further refinements or extensions on the topics covered by this specification continue in CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 4, except for the box-sizing property, which will be maintained in the CSS Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing Module Level 3.

Please send feedback by either filing an issue in GitHub (preferable) or sending mail to the (archived) public mailing list www-style@w3.org with the spec code ([css-ui-3], [css-ui-4], or [css-sizing-3] as appropriate) and your comment topic in the subject line. (Alternatively, you can email one of the editors and ask them to forward your comment.)

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