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Minutes Tokyo F2F June 2013 Part II: Zoom Media Queries, Cross-site Security, Shapes, Events and Fragmentation

By fantasai July 3, 2013 (Permalink)
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Zoom Media Queries

Discussed SVG use case of including more details as user zooms in, e.g. on a map. While discussing how to solve this, it became clear that while people have some idea of how zooming is interpreted wrt Media Queries, the whole interaction of resolution and resizing is vastly underdefined and needs work before we can sensibly add related new features.

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Cross-site Security

Discussed possibilities of cross-site attacks via CSS. One case that krit brought up wrt importing shapes was dismissed as Not a Problem. Some others raised by roc & bz might need more thought and discussion.

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Shapes Dependencies

Full minutes: Part I, Part II

Events and Fragmentation

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