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Minutes Tokyo F2F June 2013 Part I: Animations, SVG Text, Compositing and Blending

By fantasai July 3, 2013 (Permalink)
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Web Animations

Brian Birtles presented the Web Animations editor’s draft with an overview of its contents. (See also diagram.)

Dean Jackson of Apple expressed some concern at adding so much API to
the Web platform at once:

[We’re] concerned about the massive amount of new API to add in one step. Generally Web improvements are more successful when iterative rather than massive new feature.

And also expressed that

Apple’s main interest in this type of work is very much in the form of declarative approaches to animation backed by a strong API.

and so there was some concern over leaving out features needed for declarative control.

However, everyone agreed that the spec was in good shape for FPWD, so

P.S. There is an experimental JS shim for the draft available.

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Reusing Stroke and Fill in CSS

The CSS and SVG WGs discussed the possibility of reusing the SVG stroke and fill properties to stroke and fill text in CSS. Some concerns raised:

fantasai and Tab volunteered to draw up a proposal for how this should work

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SVG Text Wrapping

Discussed SVGWG’s proposals ([1], [2]) for adding soft-wrapping to SVG. The goal is to re-use CSS functionality (and layout engines) for SVG text layout. No objections so far to proposal to add a width attribute to <text> for wrapping; however it was felt by some that for formatting multi-block content, HTML markup should be reused. In general, people want CSS text formatting to Just Work in SVG, not require special rules for SVG text content.

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Compositing and Blending

Reviewed Compositing and Blending draft, which now contains only 3 CSS properties: mix-blend-mode, isolation, background-blend-mode. Discussed use cases, design, interaction with stacking contexts, forwards-compatibility, etc. The draft needs more review. Meanwhile,

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