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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the CSSWG -webkit- Discussions (AKA Minutes and Resolutions Paris F2F 2012 / Telecon 2012-02-15: Vendor Prefixes and -webkit-, Property Aliasing)

By fantasai February 19, 2012 (Permalink)
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-webkit- Problem

It should be noted that this has been a topic of passionate discussion, and that it will take awhile not only for the CSSWG to agree on and execute a plan of action, but even for the Members to understand the nuances of each others’ positions. For example, Mozilla, Opera, and Microsoft are aligned on there being a problem that desperately needs addressing, potentially with desperate measures; but not on the exact details of what is problematic or how exactly to address which parts.

Part I: Monday

Discussed problem of WebKit monopoly on mobile and the consequent pressure for other engines to implement -webkit- properties. See also Tantek’s questions on designing a course of action.

Full minutes

Part II: Tuesday

Discussed specific actions WG can take to ameliorate the situation. Three approaches are available; chairs assert the WG can use all as needed:

Full minutes

Part III: Wednesday

Full minutes

Part IV: Telecon

Discussed -webkit- prefixing situation and how to move forward on Transforms. Considerations included:

No consensus positions were found, and all parties left the telecon frustrated.

Time estimates for finishing work on Transforms however were agreed to be within 2-3 months if appropriately prioritized.

Full minutes. Anyone interested in this topic should also read the www-style follow-up by Sylvain Galineau (Microsoft).


Aliases are used both for vendor prefixed / unprefixed property pairs as well as for the word-wrap/overflow-wrap property and for the page-break-* properties (which are aliased to break-*). We discussed what, exactly, aliasing means:

Full minutes

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