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Minutes and Resolutions TPAC 2011-10-31 Monday Morning: Values and Units, Positioning, Animations

By fantasai December 2, 2011 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Values and Units

Positioned Layout

Arron presented a draft for CSS3 Positioning, which includes CSS2.1 absolute, fixed, and relative positioning, containing blocks, and z-index; and that adds:

position: center
An absolute positioning scheme in which auto offsets compute to center the element within its containing block.
position: page
An absolute positioning scheme in which the current page box is the containing block.

There were concerns raised that the page positioning scheme being proposed would result in layouts that broke very badly if the document were either rendered onto continuous (scrolling) canvas, or if it were paginated differently than the author’s original intent (due to differently-sized fonts, differently-sized pages, etc.). Thus:

Resolved: Publish CSS3 Positioning as FPWD, without position: page.


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