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Minutes and Resolutions November F2F TPAC Santa Clara

By fantasai November 25, 2009 (Permalink)
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Drop Shadows and Filter Effects

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Media Queries for HTML5 Video

It is proposed to add media queries to <video> and then
to also define queries for the user’s special needs. These new media queries
will go into a new media queries module.

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CSS2.1 Test Suite Status

Reviewed status of CSS2.1 test suite. Still on track wrt
fantasai has a rough coverage report, but is missing many of Microsoft’s tests
because they don’t have the right metadata. (Microsoft’s management is preventing
Arron from correcting the tests.)

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CSS3 Color

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display: run-in

Worked through issues summarized in Bert’s email

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Size to Fit for text

Reviewed examples of copyfitting by changing the font size and various past
proposals for addressing some of the use cases. Intentions can be split into:

dbaron proposes a copyfit property to trigger these behaviors. An alternate
proposal is to incorporate this into text-justify.

Related behaviors were mentioned: specifically, triggering justification on
the last line only if it’s longer than a certain threshold; and specifying
a minimum length for the last line, which would trigger whole-paragraph
justification if the last line were not long enough.

Conclusion is to add some notes to css3-text and leave it for the next active
editor to deal with.

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CSS3 Multicol

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Grid, Flexbox, and Template Layout Interactions

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font-variant and font feature support in CSS

John Daggett proposes adding subproperties to font-variant
for allowing access to the more common OpenType features. font-variant
would become a shorthand for font-variant-ligatures,
font-variant-alternates, font-variant-caps,
font-variant-numeric, font-variant-position.

There some concern about fallback behavior for subscript and superscript
features, and winding up with either a complete loss of semantics or a
double-sub/superscript rendering.

John notes that OpenType has language-sensitive rendering, and proposes
allowing an explicit choice of typographic language different from the content

There’s concern about exposing alternate glyphs from a generic mechanism
such as font-variant, because the choices are very font-specific. Proposals
include dealing with it in @font-face; and pairing the glyph set number with
the font name so that it only triggers on that font name.

Otherwise the WG is mostly in agreement and pressures jdaggett into putting
his proposal in the editor’s draft. 🙂

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text-overflow: ellipsis

Resolved: Only horizontal overflow triggers for
text-overflow: ellipsis. Add a new keyword for handling ellipsis due to
vertical overflow (where the ellipsis appears on the last line only).

Discussed other issues with text-overflow, including:

Apparently some of these questions were
resolved over lunch.

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Transitions, Transforms, and Animations

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