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Minutes and Resolutions June 2009 F2F

By fantasai June 23, 2009 (Permalink)
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Paged Media


Grid, Templates, and other coarse layout systems


David Baron explains the flexbox model, what parts have been implemented
by Mozilla and Webkit, and what parts are underdefined.

Resolved: Change Ian’s editor status and publish flexbox as FPWD.

CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3


CSS2.1 Issues


SVG Coordination

image-fit and image-position

Test Suites


Mozilla is proposing a new format for CSS tests. It can’t be used to test everything, but can make testing many things much simpler and easy to automate. The basic principle is that each test consists of two files, which must be rendered identically. A complex test can then be compared against a simpler page that has the same result. This is better than comparing against an image because it equalizes font availability, anti-aliasing, and other platform- and UA-specific aspects of CSS rendering.

Resolved: we accept tests in reftest format as well, as long as they have the required metadata
Rationale: Many tests easier to write, and especially, to run this way.

Molly’s Role and the CSSWG Website


Discussed IPTV liaison statement and our response to it.

Upcoming Meetings

Disposition of Comments Format

Discussion of formatting for Disposition of Comments document. Various authors have adopted different style, Daniel wants to consolidate.

Abandoned Working Drafts

Full Minutes

  1. Wed Part I: Testing
  2. Wed Part II: Scheduling, Website, text-overflow, DoC format
  3. Wed Part III: Multi-col, Abandoned Drafts, Splitting border-image
  4. Thurs Part I: GCPM, Flexbox
  5. Thurs Part II: vertical-align ambiguities, Paged Media
  6. Thurs Part III: CSS2.1 Grammar Issues, IPTV liaison
  7. Fri Part I: SVG Properties, Fonts
  8. Fri Part II: Grid, Templates, and other coarse layout systems
  9. Fri Part III: CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders

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