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Minutes and Resolutions October F2F: Logistics, Apple’s proposals, GCPM, Vertical Text

By fantasai November 10, 2008 (Permalink)
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Discussed F2F meetings for next year, settled on three 3-day meetings:

  1. Tokyo, hosted by Mozilla Japan, in early March
  2. Sophia-Antipolis, hosted by W3C, in late June
  3. at TPAC in the US next fall

Web Designer Involvement

Discussed lack of web designers on CSSWG and what to do about it. Neither Molly nor Jason (AOL) could make it to this F2F, and AOL is withdrawing from W3C. The CSSWG wants to keep Jason as an Invited Expert, but this is generally inconsistent with W3C policy and would require an exception from W3C management. Also discussed other possibilities (unminuted).

Apple’s Proposals

Apple presented their proposals for Animations and Transitions, made remarks on Transforms, gradients, reflections. All four major browser vendors are interested in these proposals, and it is very likely that the CSSWG will accept to work on them. Apple says they are willing to drive the specs, but the CSSWG chairs remind them that they need to show up and participate in the group discussions.

Briefly discussed interaction of Apple’s proposals with SVG.

Regardless any progress on these is on hold until the rechartering process is complete.


There was some discussion of the GCPM drafts and which parts of it could move forward. No resolutions.

Vertical Text / Text Layout module

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