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Resolutions 2007-11-27

By fantasai November 29, 2007 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Past few telecons haven’t been very well attended, so there isn’t much to report for this month in general.

No official resolutions for 2007-11-27, but the CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders editors did agree to adopt Anne’s border-radius extended shorthand syntax proposal.

We discussed the status of REC-CSS1 and REC-CSS2 and how to put some kind of colorful notice at the top about those specs being obsolete and needing to refer to CSS2.1. There seem to be a lot of process-related difficulties with this.

We also discussed putting up a public copy of the CSS2.1 Editor’s Draft, but it’s a lot of extra manual work for Bert, so we’ll revisit that question when there are more errata and Bert’s had a chance to think about a strategy for automating some of the work. (It has a complicated build system that isn’t practical to port to dev.w3.org.) Right now it’s not really that important, since there aren’t that many errata, but Melinda and I expect more errors and omissions will turn up as we make progress on the test suite.

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