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Planet Future-of-CSS

By fantasai November 14, 2007 (Permalink)
Categories: general

Inspired by Richard Ishida‘s Planet i18n, the WHATWG Blog, css3.info, complaints by bloggers that they don’t want to subscribe to www-style, and my own trouble keeping up with the times, we’ve set up as a joint project with css3.info an aggregate feed on the w3.org site: The Future of Style.

Currently it pulls in the CSSWG Blog, css3.info, and the experimental CSS3 Soapbox.

The goal of all this is to create a running blog conversation on the future of CSS, using a stage where anyone can step up to talk and be heard.

If you have a post you want to add to this feed, post a link (or the whole thing)
on the CSS3 Soapbox. If you own a blog with frequent posts about the future of CSS, and want to be added to this aggregator, contact fantasai.

If you want to follow the Planet feed by email, there are some RSS->email services out there. (I’ll probably have to go this route.)

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