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Minutes Telecon 2019-09-04

By Dael Jackson September 5, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Minutes Telecon 2019-08-28

By Dael Jackson August 28, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Minutes Telecon 2019-08-21

By Dael Jackson August 21, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Updated WD of CSS Lists Level 3

By fantasai August 17, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: publications

The CSS Working Group has published an updated Working Draft of CSS Lists Level 3. This module contains CSS features related to list markers and counters: styling them, positioning them, and manipulating their value.

This update contains a major clean-up of the “Automatic Numbering with Counters” section, including fixing various sync errors against CSS2.1. It should now be usable as a reference for implementation. Remaining work includes more precise definitions for marker layout and better integration with HTML list numbering, particularly reversed lists. See notes and open issues.

Please send feedback by either filing an issue in GitHub (preferable) or sending mail to the (archived) public mailing list www-style@w3.org with the spec code ([css-lists-3]) and your comment topic in the subject line. (Alternatively, you can email one of the editors and ask them to forward your comment.)

Minutes Telecon 2019-08-14

By Dael Jackson August 14, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Minutes Telecon 2019-08-07

By Dael Jackson August 8, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Minutes Telecon 2019-07-31

By Dael Jackson July 31, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Minutes Telecon 2019-07-17

By Dael Jackson July 17, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Minutes Telecon 2019-07-10

By Dael Jackson July 10, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Full Meeting Minutes

Minutes Toronto F2F 2019-06-05 Part II: CSS Color 5; CSS Text 4; Backgrounds and Borders; Color Adjust; Media Queries

By Dael Jackson July 6, 2019 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

CSS Color 5

Full Minutes || Spec Referenced

CSS Text 4

Full Minutes || Spec Referenced

Backgrounds and Borders

Full Minutes || Spec Referenced

Color Adjust

Full Minutes || Spec Referenced

Media Queries

Full Minutes || Spec Referenced

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