F2F meeting 29-31 July 2015 in Sunnyvale CA

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Fujitsu have kindly agreed to host us for a three day meeting at their campus facility in Sunnyvale, California on 29th to 31st July 2015.

Fujitsu Silicon Valley Campus (US Headquarter)

1240 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 746-6000 or (800) 538-8460

Google Map

Campus Map

Please sign in at the receptionist desk in building H.

Accessible by wheelchair.

There are plenty of parking spaces available for guests all around the building in the campus.

Please register until 24th of July!

The first day will be open to Observers but not a Conference type meeting. Hotels are listed below. Lunch will be in the Fujitsu cafeteria at your own expense. See more options for lunch places. Fujitsu will provide free coffee and water during breaks, and a soda machine is available nearby.

Meeting Rooms

  • 1 big room for 50 people
  • 3 small rooms: a room for 10 people, a room for 18 people and a room for 32 people
  • Wifi access: Openinnovationgateway / user=Fujitsuguest / pw=FujitsuFNAC


Here is a list of hotels that people visiting the Fujitsu site typically use to stay. The first three is within walking proximity. The fourth (Avatar) is accessible by walk but usually takes a little over 30 minutes. For the last two, you need to use a car.

The Plaza Suites
3100 Lakeside Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95054
+1 (408) 748-9800
0.9 km
Embassy Suites Hotels
2885 Lakeside Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95054
+1 (408) 496-6400
1.1 km
Ramada Sunnyvale/Silicon Valley
1217 Wildwood Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
+1 (800) 252-1709
1.1 km
Avatar Hotel
4200 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 94054
+1 (669) 238-0621
1.6 km
Biltmore Hotel & Suites
2151 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95054
+1 (408) 988-8411
2.6 km
The Domain Hotel
1085 East El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
+1 (408) 247-0800
3.0 km


Wednesday, 29th of July - open day

9:00 Welcome Minutes

  • W3C WoT IG Objective & Goals of the meeting
  • Agenda

10:00 TF AP Report, (Slides)

10:30 TF DI Report

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 TF TD Report (Slides)

12:00 Security & Privacy Report (Slides)

12:30 Report of joint meeting with IRTF T2T RG (Slides) (Security&Privacy Slides)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Contributions

16:30 Coffee Break

17:00 Demos Minutes

18:30 EoD

19:30 WoT Dinner @ Pedro's Restaurant, 3935 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Thursday, 30th of July - working meetings in break outs

9:00 Plan for the day (Plenary)

  • Sync Topics

9:30 Breakout in TFs

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Sync

14:00 Breakout in TFs

  • TD, AP (Minutes, Slides), DI
  • Agenda of Breakouts listed below
  • Joint Sessions with S&P

18:00 EoD

Breakout in TFs


Recap of discussion


  • Baseline ressource model
  • APE
  • Subscriptions
  • Protocol agnostic
  • Architecture
  • "decluttering the picture" (working title)
  • Internal consensus on terms
  • Tech landscape
  • Structure
  • Review of contributions
  • Next Steps
  • White gaps
  • Brainstorming
  • Filtering
  • Detailing
  • Brief recap of TF-DI activities
  • Conclude discussions on
  • Categorization and initial set of technologies
  • Requirements derived from use cases
  • Organize the next steps
  • Modelling of interaction patterns in discovery
  • Evaluation approach for landscape
  • AOB
  • Definitions and building blocks of discovery
  • refinement of the TD model
  • discussion on a common set of vocabulary
  • (compact) data type definition for the TDL
  • create concrete TD examples based on use cases
  • gap analysis
  • plans for implementations
  • how thing description fits into discovery

(also see mail " [IG-SP] Conf call on Thurs, July 23" to list. As mentioned there: scrum-style is preferred and hence the following is not meant as breakout agenda. It is just a reminder on what needs to be established during the breakout)

  • Review/agreement on goals and deliverables (already discussed in con conf calls, this is meant to give room for additional input)
  • Requirements catalog: discussion on already identified items, discussion of structure for their elaboration
  • Landscape of SP means: discussion on already identified items, discussion of structure for their elaboration
  • Worksplit with respect to the SP deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Interaction with TFs
  • Discussion of open points e.g. inclusion/exclusion criteria for SP mechanisms

Friday, 31st of July - consensus, work plan and outlook

9:00 Reports from Break Outs

10:00 Status of deliverables

10:30 Contributions of Guests

11:30 Dave Raggett, Initial ideas for the Web of Things WG Charter

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Work organization and time plan, outreach

14:00 Collaboration on implementations

16:00 EoM

input and comments on the agenda

Review of ideas for Web of Things Working Group Charter

Progress on chartered IG deliverables

Soumya Kanti Datta (Discovery task force lead) suggests:

For the open day, here is my proposal.

1. Demo - Lightweight search engine for discovery in web of things

2. Presentation - outcomes of the French ANR project DataTweet (title to be confirmed later)

3. Presentation - Discovery in WoT - Current Trends and Future Directions

Apart from that, there will be presentation(s) from the TF-DI to disseminate our findings.

Dave Raggett suggests a session covering the work on open source projects for Web of Things servers for microcontrollers (Arduino and ESP8266), and more powerful devices: NodeJs and Go language, as well as a JavaScript library for web page access to things. He also plans to bring some devices to show.

Inputs on security&privacy (by Oliver Pfaff)

  • Day 1: The reporting session (plenary) will be used to outline the security&privacy deliverables that are to-be-expected, to indicate how they relate to TFs (use cases), to identify matters that shall be addressed jointly (such as authz for discovery operations)
  • Day 2: I'd propose to also have a breakout session on security&privacy in order to have a chance of deepening the discussion about security&privacy requirements/landscape/deliverables, as well as worksplit, chosen approach etc. among those who'd like to contribute to security&privacy or are interested to follow closely
  • Day 3: I'd suggest an agenda item that allows security&privacy to interface with the other TFs in order to start discussing joined matters

Invited Guests

Listed here as only IG members can fill out the registration form.

  • Simon Mayer, Siemens
  • Yuki Matsuda, UNI
  • Reynier Overhoff, Director UNI
  • Ravi Subramaniam, Intel (on 31st, and possibly 29th and 30th)
  • Steve Ray, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Salam Akoum, Hitachi
  • Scott Jenson, Google
  • Don Deel, NetApp
  • Shahed Latif, PwC
  • Jay Cappy, PwC
  • Jerry Wu, Delta Electronics
  • Alan Hameed, Fujitsu
  • Marek Olszewski, GoDaddy (to be confirmed)
  • Cindy Hsiang, Mozilla (attending 29-31)
  • Glenn Cameron, Samsung
  • AndreaTrasatti, Samsung
  • Michael Koster, ARM
  • Shamain Prasad, Nokia-TECH/Berkeley (only attending on 29th)
  • Karen Myers, W3C staff (attending 29-30)
  • Arnaud Le Hors, IBM