WCAG Next Possible Models



The objective of the activity is to propose at least two viable models for expanding/extending WCAG 2.0, from which the community can propose a direction forward. The results of this activity will be formally presented to the WCAG Working Group to help advise on where to take WCAG 2.0 to next in the short-term.

NOTE: There are also models for a more extensive revision of WCAG (e.g. WCAG 3, WAI2020, WAI 1.0), but they are out of scope for this discussion.

Overview of Possible Models for WCAG Next

  1. Maintain WCAG 2.0, add Normative Extensions
    1. (Option 1.1) WCAG 2.0 plus Mobile extension, Cognitive extension, Low Vision extension, etc.
    2. (Option 1.2) WCAG 2.0 plus extensions by technology or platform
  2. Integrate extension requirements as WCAG 2.x updates
    1. (Option 2.1) WCAG 2.x by Task Force: based on a WCAG 2.0 plus the work of an individual task force, (e.g. 2.1 = WCAG 2.0 plus success criteria originating from task force A, 2.2 = WCAG 2.1 plus success criteria originating from task force B, etc.)
    2. (Option 2.2) WCAG 2.x by date, across Task Forces - combines Success Criteria from across task forces and integrates into date-driven 2.1, 2.2, etc.
  3. Other potential models? Suggestions welcomed.
    1. WCAG Next Possible Models/Model 5

Feedback to date

Other strawman proposals

  1. (Option 3.1) WCAG 2.1 one time amalgamation, across Task Forces unified group of Candidate Success Criteria and Best Practices, created by task forces under the existing Charter. Then integrate all at once under new charter, next year WCAG 2.1
    1. 1 Best Practices: Some of the recommendations from the task forces cannot meet the rigorous demands of the Success Criteria listed above. These recommendations may become Best Practices. Best practices should be given a new special place in the WCAG 2.1, to raise their profile without making them requirements.

Providing Feedback

Feedback on potential models can be submitted to w3c-wai-ig@w3.org with the Subject Line: WCAG Next Possible Models

Information on how to join the WAI-IG mailing list can be found at https://www.w3.org/WAI/IG/#mailinglist

Comments and Feedback Summary from WAI-IG list