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WCAG Next Possible Models/Model 4

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WCAG 2.0 plus extensions by technology or platform

This model sees extensions based on new devices, so that specific Success Criteria targeted to specific technologies can be adopted. For example WCAG 2.0 + Mobile Requirements, or WCAG 2.0 + web player, WCAG 2.0 + Gaming consoles or TV set-top boxes, etc.

Feedback on this potential model (or other potential models) can be submitted to with the Subject Line: WCAG Next Possible Models

Information on how to join the WAI-IG mailing list can be found at

Pros and Cons chart of the possible models for WCAG next.
WCAG next model Pros Cons Observations
WCAG 2.0 plus extensions by technology or platform
  1. status quo, does not require charter changes
  1. vague on details
  2. confusing for conformance