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WCAG Next Possible Models/Model 2

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WCAG 2.1 by Task Force: based on a WCAG 2.0 plus the work of an individual task force

This model see dot extensions to WCAG based on the output of the different Task Forces. Subsequent dot extensions would include all previous conformance requirements of WCAG 2.1 plus the additional Success Criteria created by the next Task Force. For example 2.1 = WCAG 2.0 plus extension by TF 1, 2.2 = WCAG 2.1 plus extension by TF 2, etc.

Feedback on this potential model (or other potential models) can be submitted to with the Subject Line: WCAG Next Possible Models

Information on how to join the WAI-IG mailing list can be found at

Pros and Cons chart of the possible models for WCAG next.
WCAG next model Pros Cons Observations
WCAG 2.x by Task Force
  1. delays waiting for completion of each group