🔙 WCAG 3.0 (Silver) Guidelines (Visual contrast of text)

Method: Font characteristics contrast

Method - Introduction



  • All desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Documents such as PDF, word processing documents, ePub, and slideware.


  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, and content authoring applications where visually readable content specifies the font size and weight and the text and background colors.


Visual readability of text requires good visual contrast. Visual contrast is a product of the text characteristics, such as font weight (thickness) and font size, the lightness/darkness difference of the colors used for the text and the background, and other factors.

Using objective guidelines and tools, evaluate font stroke width (weight), font size, background color, font color, and nearby colors and adjust the properties of those elements to achieve good visual contrast and readability.

How it solves user need

All sighted users need adequate text size and weight, coupled with ample luminance contrast (lightness/darkness difference) between background and text colors, in order to read the text easily.



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