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Reports on Accessibility Support for Ways of Using Various Web Technologies

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The following reports of accessibility supported uses of technologies are provided as sample approaches of how to document accessibility support. Note the approach to testing and documenting is different amongst these examples but they are equally valid approaches to document accessibility support.

Note: The data in these reports should not be considered complete, nor accurate at any time beyond the date of publication. There is no plan to maintain the information presented here. However, updated reports may be available from the technology vendors or other organizations. This presents a snapshot of some known accessibility supported uses of technology at the time WCAG 2.0 completed the Candidate Recommendation phase, to demonstrate that the requirement was fulfilled to provide documentation of accessibility support for at least two technologies on at least four combinations of operating system, host browser, and assistive technology.

Information about accessibility support for HTML and CSS was collected in a database that matched user evaluations of various uses of technologies on a set of permutations of operating system, host browser, and user agent. The individual uses of technologies usually paralleled the techniques documented in Techniques for WCAG 2.0. In most cases at least two testers verified the accessibility support for each use on each permutation, but in some cases only one tester was available in the time frame during which the data was collected. More recent data may be available from the Accessibility Support Database. The data below is a snapshot of the data in that database as of 30 October 2008.

Information about Silverlight and PDF was submitted by manufacturers of those technologies. These technologies also went through a testing process, although less of the testing information is available publicly. These static reports exemplify the type of information that might generally be available from technology manufacturers.


Summary reports for HTML


Summary reports for CSS


Silverlight is a content technology that is not developed via an open standards process. Below is preliminary documentation about accessibility supported uses of Silverlight.


PDF is a content technology that was not originally developed via an open standards process, but has now become an ISO standard.