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WAI Curricula/Title

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When we refer to the WAI-Curricula, we assume that this resource is going to build the foundation for accessibility courses, but that it will not be considered a course by itself. However, this approach is often missed out by people who do not belong to the education or faculty field. This is why we seek input from the group on how we should approach this, trying to strike a balance between the use of the word curricula on the title and the promotion of this resource's outreach beyond faculty and education/related professionals. Considerations include:

  • WAI in title provides credibility
  • WAI in title may be too prescriptive - causing people to think they have less flexibility than intended
  • 'Curricula' is unfamiliar term to many
  • 'Curricula' often misunderstood to mean a course that is ready to deliver

Some ideas

Original suggestions:

  • "Curricula on Web Accessibility".
  • "ICT Accessibility Curricula",
  • "Web Accessibility Training Curricula.
  • WAI Curricula: Build Your Web Accessibility Courses
  • WAI Curricula: Build Your Courses on Web Accessibility
  • ...

From 19 April 2019 meeting:

  • Curricula: A resource for developing courses on Web Accessibility
  • Curricula for Developing Digital Accessibility Courses
  • Building Digital Accessibility Courses
  • Digital Accessibility Training Curricula
  • Building Blocks for Digital Accessibility Courses

Additional brainstorms after the meeting:

  • Build Your Own Web Accessibility Courses with WAI Curricula
  • Build Digital Accessibility Courses with WAI Curricula
  • DIY Accessibility Courses from WAI Curricula
  • Integrating Accessibility in Courses and Curricula
  • Material for Courses and Curricula
  • Accessibility Curricula: Material for Courses
  • ... [several more not here yet]