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Video-Based Resources/WAI-resources-intro

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Video Introduction to WAI Resources and WAI Website

Important note: Right now we have a small budget to edit the video material that we have. If we want to do something different with new filming, that would need to be done under a different project later.


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Requirements Analysis

The problem that we're wanting to address (help solve):
People don't know that WAI provides resources on all the topics that we do. Even some people who know about WAI, think we have mostly just WCAG and technical materials.


  • Watchers learn about the wide range of resources covering different aspects of web accessibility
  • People who like videos get an engaging intro to WAI resources and WAI website
  • Watchers get comfortable with the WAI website
  • People share the video a lot

Ultimate goal:

  • When people want info related to digital accessibility, the first thing they check is the WAI website


  • Primary: People who are not familiar with WAI resources &/or WAI website
  • Also: People who think they know WAI, but really don't know all the inf that we provide
  • Low: People doing presentations who might show the video

Related video and projects:

Right now we have a small budget to edit the video material that we have. If we want to do something different with new filming, that would need to be done under a different project later.

Ideas & Options & Issues

  • Single video? Or 30-second clips we can tweet out? Or both?
  • How long should it be? (e.g., 1-10 minutes)
    • Pro for short: many people have short attention spans
    • Pro for longer: can cover more. could integrate video clips of people wanting information, which would make it more engaging
    • Maybe both short and long version?
  • Where would it live? On the WAI home page?

Existing Video Material

Shawn on WAI resources on website - iteration 0.1

What's easily change-able and not

We have ad-hoc footage that we can use. We cannot do different video footage with current budget. (Maybe we could do different footage as a separate project later.)

  • Visuals — We can easily add or change visuals — e.g., screen captures, title text, highlighting, etc.
  • Cut content — We can cut content — easily when not showing Shawn, yet not smoothly in the middle of Shawn-talking-head (unless show other visual).
  • Audio additions — We can add some audio. At the beginning or ending, would probably be OK. In the middle, it probably wouldn't be smooth (different recording set up).
  • Talking-head — We cannot change the Shawn-talking-head video parts, without significant additional cost. There is another take, so if we really want to take the time, we can see if a segment is better in the other take.

Ideas for Changes

  • [high] Tweak Focus (shawn)
    Better communicate up front: WAI has lots of resources. Re-focus video on breadth of resources, rather than organization of website. Ideas:
    • Start with "random" list of resources.
    • Start with "random" videos of people searching for information. (Shawn has some unprofessional videos of people looking for information, such as: "I need to convince my boss to give me time to make my web app accessible." listed below.)
  • [minor] delete repeated URI ", that's slash W-A-I" (shawn)

Rough Script

Open action items to make the table below easier for EOWG discussion:

  • combine several of the cells — that is, put text from multiple cells that are related into one cell
  • quick pass at visuals - listing the web pages shown
  • add sequence numbers
Seq. Audio Visual

hi this is Shawn from the w3c web accessibility initiative or WAI.
I'm here to tell you about some free resources from our website there at slash W-A-I, that's slash W-A-I
so let me show you some of the things we have on the website

[Shawn headshot]


the first section is accessibility fundamentals.
and from there you get an introduction to accessibility.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

there's some really important information on this section



like how people with disabilities use the web.



the perspectives videos is a series of ten really short videos like about a minute or less that show you how accessibility is essential for some and useful for all.



so they illustrate the benefits of accessibility in addition to making your products work better for



people with disabilities.



okay oh another thing that's here is the video introduction this is a really short like four minute long video that introduces accessibility in the standards



and it's available in many different languages as well



so I encourage you to share this with people who don't know much about accessibility to to help them get started



all right the next section is planning and policies and this is really geared towards managing project managing organizational managing talks about policies talks about accessibility statements.



my personal favorite section is on involving users for better accessibility. it tells you when you include real people with disabilities in your design process the benefits that you can reap from that and give you some guidance some tips on doing that



alright the next section is designed and develop.



that has tips for getting started for designers developers and writers.



it has a resource for making your audio and video accessible.



and then there are tutorials on specific topic like menus tables forms etc



the next section is test and evaluate gives you a lot of different resources to help you figure out if your digital content and tools are accessible so



there's a resource called easy checks that helps anybody get some initial ideas on the accessibility of web tools without you don't even have to have any experience all the way…



way to resources to help you with formal conformance evaluation to make sure that you are meeting the standards fully



there's a list of evaluation tools that you can use to help with your evaluation



ok next section is teach and advocate.



that gives you some information if you want to teach others about accessibility and



it also includes the business case for accessibility



then a final section is standards that covers has the guidelines you're probably familiar with and then



other accessibility standards from w3c.



ok a couple of things I want to show you from the way homepage



once you're familiar with this if you want to hide that intro section you can do that



and right under there there's a section called get resources for and that provides links for specific roles so that might be something you would want to share with others



I'd like to encourage you to take a little time to play around the web the way website and



see what's there I hope you find information that you can use now and also you can find information for you to share with others



there's information different languages



there's tools to generate reports



there's videos



there's introductions



lots of other information available there



let's see a couple other things



you can get WAI news and information about our work by following the get news in email link so you can subscribe to our announcement email list



you can participate in a discussion list where you can ask questions



and that's available from the link in the footer



going back up to the top at the top of all pages is a link to all translations and that lists the pages information that we have in other languages right now



and also if you might want to be interested in helping with translating there's information right there



let's see one thing we'll go back down near the bottom of each page you'll find section on to help improve this page where you can provide your suggestions and comments you can submit those by email or github so we encourage your contribution participation in making this information better



all right thanks so much for taking this quick tour of the WAI website



we really hope you'll find this information useful that you'll share it with others



and that you'll use it to help us all make the web more accessible



which is essential for some people and useful for everybody





Misc Notes

Videos of people looking for information

Shawn has unprofessional videos of different people saying most of the statements below.
(It we do a broader project, it might fit to get professional recordings of things like below -- and then we can change the script for them, too.)

  • I need to write a report about website accessibility.
  • I need to convince my boss to give me time to make my web app accessible.
  • Is this website accessible? I need to know if they’ve considered accessibility at all; however, I don’t know much about accessibility myself.
  • I need help. I just came to know that we need to make our website accessible. I don't know where to begin, or how to do it, and I need help to figure out how we can do this better.
  • We're expanding into new countries and need to know about their web accessibility laws.
  • I have been tasked with developing an accessibility course for our in-house team.
  • Can't users' assistive technology do everything? Why do we have to spend time on accessibility?
  • I understand accessibility for people with disabilities generally, yet I don't know what accessibility means on the Web.
  • I've heard about people who are blind using screen readers. What other things do I need to know about how people with disabilities use the web?
  • We are redesigning our investment services website. Our customers are mostly retirement age. So we are looking for guidance on how to make our website easy to use by older people.
  • I'm the Project Management Director at my company. I've been tasked with training our project managers to incorporate accessibility into their workflow… however, I don't know much about accessibility.
  • I have a user experience background and I want to include people with disabilities in our design process. I need help convincing my department head to let us do it. And I could use some tips.
  • My first task as our new Accessibility Director is to develop an accessibility policy for our company.
  • To follow the European law, we have to post an accessibility statement. We could use help creating our accessibility statement.
  • I teach a technical writing course and I want to do a session on accessibility. What should I cover?
  • I’m looking for detailed guidance on how to make forms accessible.
  • I heard there are accessibility validator tools. I want a list of them and help picking which to use.
  • I'm doing a research project where I need to do thorough accessibility evaluation of websites and generate conformance reports. I'm looking for guidance on the evaluation process and report format.
  • I'm organizing an accessibility track at our conference and want to make sure the presentations are fully accessible.
  • I would like some actual examples of fixing accessibility barriers.
  • This website is not accessible! ["spoken" by assistive technology]
  • I'm looking for guidelines or standards for mobile accessibility.
  • Should I link to the WCAG 2.1 standard or something else?
  • Your information on the WAI website is really useful for my students. Can I print it as a handout for them?
  • Gibt es diese Barrierefreiheits-Informationen auch auf deutsch?
  • I have a suggestion for an edit. Where do I send it?
  • This is good stuff. How can I help?
  • OK, for people who don’t know WCAG, how should they get started?
  • What is W-A-I?