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Video-Based Resources/People Use Web Videos Project Plan

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Project Goals

The goals of this project is to develop a series of videos for the WAI resource How People with Disabilities Use the Web. These videos are intended to supplement the textual content of this resource, for those who benefit from video format. More description of these videos is provided in the parent wiki page Video-Based Resources. The project will result in the following set of videos (~30 minutes total time):

Project Deliverables

The project will produce the following resources:

Project Schedule

  • April: initiate sub-group and start regular meetings [done]
  • June: draft 1 sample script for each of the 3 sets [done]
  • July: discuss samples with EOWG to agree on approach [done]
  • August: draft remaining scripts based on the 3 samples
  • September: EOWG review of scripts and select production company
  • October: EOWG approval of scripts and filming of videos
  • November: complete post production and EOWG approval

Project Requirements

This project has dependencies on the 2020 Update of How People with Disabilities Use the Web project.

Requirements for Video Scripting

  • [done] GitHub repository
  • [open] Stable 2020 Update
    • Chicken-and-egg between recruiting protagonists and finalizing content
    • Some content areas, eg. on cognitive disabilities, are undergoing review
  • [open] WAI-site integration
    • Assuming still cannot have multiple instance of AblePlayer on same page
    • If so, assuming each video will live on an own page with its transcript
    • Will videos be only linked from People-Use-Web or also embedded there?

Requirements for Protagonists

  • Match personas of the 2020 Update
  • Diverse ethnicity and appearance
  • Ideally geographically close
  • Comfortable being filmed
  • [open] Comfortable speaking on film
    • Need to decide if fully narrated or if protagonists get to speak
    • If protagonists speak, does it need to be English? (narration is)
Persona Disability Age Gender Ethnicity Actor Notes
Alex Motor ~40-50 Male TBD No Needs to use ATs
Blair Autism ~30-40 Male TBD No Needs to be apparent (???)
Ilya Blind ~50-60 Female TBD No Needs to use ATs
Lee Color Perception ~20-30 (???) Male TBD Yes Does not use ATs
Luis Down Syndrome ~20-30 (???) Male TBD No Needs to be apparent
Martine Deaf ~60-70 Female TBD No Needs to sign fluently
Noor Deaf and Blind ~15-25 Female TBD No Needs to use ATs
Preety ADHD and Dyslexia ~10-15 Female TBD Yes Does not use ATs
Yun Low Vision, Motor, Memory ~75-85 Male TBD No Hand tremors

Requirements for Film Production

The selection and hiring of a film production company is carried out by WAI staff (funded by the WAI-Guide Project).

  • Has the necessary competence
  • Able to work in an iterative process
  • Available during the project period
  • Can work in location of protagonists

Subgroup Logistics

Project Team

  • WAI Coordinator: Judy Brewer
  • Editor: Shadi Abou-Zahra
  • Subgroup Facilitator: Brent Bakken
  • Subgroup Participants:
    • Jade Matos Carew
    • Michele Williams
    • Estel·la Oncins Noguer
    • Adina Halter
    • Others - Invitation to participate at project re-launch