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Video-Based Resources/Business Case

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Encourage organizations to pursue digital accessibility.


  • Reinforce the message that accessibility is good practice
  • Explain some of the business arguments for accessibility
  • Contribute to positive associations with accessibility

Primary Audience

  • Organizations wondering if they should pursue accessibility
  • Accessibility advocates who want to promote good practice


Mostly animated video (eg. whiteboard with concepts appearing as they are explained, illustrations of main concepts, keywords being emphasized, etc.).

Outline (~1 minute)

This video is intended to be integrated into the resource Business Case for Digital Accessibility

  • Opening
  • "Digital accessibility is good for business!"
  • "Public and private business from around the world and pursuing accessibility because they understand that accessibility is good for their business"
  • "Digital accessibility drives innovation"
  • "For example, ensuring that your content can be read aloud by the computer for people who are blind also allows you to listen to your emails while you are sitting on the bus"
  • "Many accessibility features are highly innovative and make your websites and apps work better for more people in more situations"
  • "Digital accessibility enhances your brand"
  • "For example, demonstrating Social Responsibility and leadership in good practice helps improve your brand reputation and customer loyalty"
  • "Digital accessibility helps you extend your market reach"
  • "Accessibility is not only essential to over 1 billion people with disabilities around the world, it is beneficial for estimated two-thirds of all users"
  • "For example, accessible products are easier to use by everyone and better work on different devices, such as on mobile phones"
  • "And, finally, accessibility helps minimize legal risk"
  • "In many countries around the world there are laws and policies relating to digital accessibility and anti-discrimination against people with disabilities"
  • "Become a business leader by implementing digital accessibility!"
  • Closing


This work is supported by the EC-funded WAI-Guide Project.