Smart Search

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What is it?

Search results have specific resources at the top - in addition to default full-text search results. For example, if someone searches for "alt text", they would get something like:

Key resources:

All search results:

Resources on Alternative Text for Images
Resources on Alternative Text for Images W3C WAI Images Tutorial Practical guidance for creating useful alt attribute content for images, including ...
An alt Decision Tree • Images • WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials
This decision tree describes how to use the alt attribute of the ... or it's unclear what alt text to provide? This decision tree does not ... list wai-eo -editors ...
WAI Easy Checks - W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
The alt text will be displayed before the images as white letters on a red background. Figure: ... Carousel Animations - WAI Web Accessibility Tutorial;
Accessibility - W3C
If alt text isn't provided for images, the image information is inaccessible, for example, ... Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) at W3C


Include /WAI/ and relevant /TR/ pages as appropriate.

What do we need

  • Understand the options for how to implement it technically, and decide on an approach GitHub 6
  • Technical backend - define what it is GitHub 7
  • UI GitHub 8
  • Tagging, etc. GitHub 9