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Quick Start Guides/Prototype/Feedback

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The work on this deliverable has primarily moved to Github. If you can, leave your comments as issues there. This wiki page is still monitored.

Explore use of icons

Issue on Github: Explore use of icons

  • Please include any feedback here or on Github {Name, dd MON 2015}

Survey Feedback 3rd June 2015

Full 3rd Jun 2015 Survey results


  • Inconsistency in introduction text {Melody & Vicki, 3 Jun 2015}
    • The introductory text and headings were being explored this week as captured in Issue 14 and Issue 15 {Kevin, 11 Jun 2015}
  • Would it be feasible to consolidate many of the information that currently exist within W3C to make the tips more robust by either consolidating or referring back to those pages, on the basis the information is up to date? {Lydia, 3 Jun 2015}
    • Yes, this is something that will be happening as the resources are further developed {Kevin, 11 Jun 2015}


  • Colour alone - suggest accessible pie chart uses same colours as inaccessible one if possible {Andrew, 3 Jun 2015}
    • I used alternative hue-based colour choices to highlight another way of using colour. I was considering how much explanation to include {Kevin, 11 Jun 2015}
  • Form elements - maybe link to; instructions - maybe suggest they should precede the form (or form element) {Andrew, 3 Jun 2015}
    • I am concerned that the Easy Checks document would be too technical for an audience concerned with design. Might this be more suited to the Developing section? {Kevin, 11 Jun 2015}
  • Headers & Text section are too repetitive at present {Andrew, 3 Jun 2015}, "Present text in a flexible font size and line length" is unclear {Melody, 3 Jun 2015}
  • I still believe we need to at least, as a minimum, add a pointer to the tutorial on images. Images are used as thumbnails on portals to link to further information, I still see images with text, people love to add images to perk up designs, logos in the form of images also require specific guidance. {Vicki, 3 Jun 2015}
    • The images tutorial is excellent but I am concerned that it explores how to write alternative text which, I think, is not something that someone using images in a design would be concerned with. It might be that the tip could suggest that they consider how images they have included should be described, but I worry that that might be a bit vague. {Kevin, 11 Jun 2015}



  • short and simple - mention that all audiences find shorter sentences with one idea per paragraph easier to read and especially easier to skim online which is what most (many?) do {Andrew, 3 Jun 2015}
    • I am slightly concerned that this falls a bit close to talking about the broader benefits of the tip, which was something that I was avoiding {Kevin, 11 Jun 2015}