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Quick Start Guides/Design

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  • Aim to be engaging
  • Magazine style layout for condensed presentation
  • A resource that could be saved/printed for ongoing reference
  • Needs led
  • Daily/weekly tips

Inspiration in the wild

These resources aim to serve as inspiration for creating quick start guides.

  • Six Famous Thought Experiments
    Nice little series of videos. Highlight how complex ideas can be condensed and made digestible using video and humour.
  • Scale of the Universe
    Interactive tool used to show the scale of things in relation to each other, and, ultimately, how very, very, small we are in the scheme of things. (uses Flash)
  • Workout at Work
    Shows a series of embarrassing activities that can be done at work to put off the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Nice example of how user feedback can be incorporated into a learning resource.
  • Kowloon Walled City
    An excellent example of an audio visual story.
  • Summer Fruit Salad
    Shows an example recipe that users structure and imagery to convey core instructions and supplementary information. Cook books are often great examples of learning tools. (Image link only)
  • A recent published item is 7 Things every designer needs to know about accessibility is worth a read. Possibly too much detail for the quick start tips, but an excellent set of tips.

Many of these examples were found on Cathy Moore's blog.