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Quick Start Guides/Audiences

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Visual designers

Concerned with the creation of visual style, palette development, font, and brand elements.

  • Visually engaging style
  • Issues with color
  • Design of interactions
  • Easy to read text (font + size/style)

User experience designer

Concerned with designing interactions, information structure, and user journeys.

  • Usable!
  • Examples of interactions

Content managers

[should this be 'content authors' rather than 'managers'?] Concerned with the development of core site content both prose and imagery.

  • Examples
  • Writing accessible content
  • Writing good alternative text
  • Using good semantic structure
  • Should this include considerations for the creation of video?

Project managers

Concerned with project inception and delivery, reporting, management, progress, risk.

  • Key review stages
  • How long is required to run checks
  • Policy documentation
  • Recruitment and training
  • Procurement

Front-end developer

Concerned with implementing designs as code, usually HTML and CSS, interaction elements, client side business interaction logic, and asynchronous functionality.

  • Examples
  • Pointers to tutorials
  • How to check your code
  • How assistive technology works

Back-end developer

Concerned with technical architecture, infrastructure, database development, server configuration, application development.

Unclear how much value a back-end developer would gain from accessibility awareness.

  • CMS selection and configuration

Mobile developer

Concerned with implementing mobile applications either native or a mixed native/web content application.

  • Examples
  • Pointers tutorials
  • Introduction to UAAG and why it is relevant
  • Accessibility check for mobile applications

Authoring tool developer

This may be too vague as any organization that develops authoring tools will have a mix of front and back-end developers. The aim with this is to think about a developer of an interface that will allow users to author web content.

  • Examples
  • Introduction to ATAG and why it is relevant
  • Accessibility checks for authoring tools


Anyone tasked with evaluating web content for accessibility. Most are likely to be accomplished or, at least, have some training at this. For those testers who are new to accessibility there are some simple checks that could be presented.

  • Simple checks to carry out
  • Tools that might help
  • Checklist