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Policies Workflow

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The Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) publishes and maintains a resource listing of Web Accessibility Laws and Policies. In order to facilitate updates and encourage participation from all interested parties, the following workflow is followed when making updates to the resource.


  1. An update request is made via form submission, GitHub issue, or another direct contact method.
  2. A policies resource maintainer (EOWG member) will create an issue, if needed, in GitHub then begin initial review (within two business days of submission).
    1. Information will be checked for completeness and accuracy (within two business days of GitHub issue creation).
    2. Contact will be made with submitter if questions arise (within one business day of information check).
    3. A pull request in GitHub will be initiated when information is correct.
  3. Policies resource manager or another maintainer will review and approve/merge the pull request (within two business days of assignment).
    1. If not approved for publishing, questions/updates will be logged in GitHub issue and forwarded to original submitter (within one business day of review).
    2. Publishing updates to production will then occur on the next scheduled resource publishing date.

Resource Publishing Schedule

The Web Accessibility Laws and Policies resource will be updated every two (2) weeks on Wednesdays. Utilizing this publishing schedule will allow for routine updates to occur in a reliable manner. Critical updates may be made outside of the publishing schedule on a case-by-case basis.

Minimum Required Information for Policy Publishing

New policies should have the following information in order to be published:

  • Country of policy
  • Policy name
  • Web address/URL of policy