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Policies Workflow

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The Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) publishes and maintains a resource listing of Web Accessibility Laws and Policies. In order to facilitate updates and encourage participation from all interested parties, the following workflow is followed when making updates to the resource.


  1. An update request is made via form submission, GitHub issue, or another direct contact method.
  2. A Policies Resource Editor (currently Andrew Arch -
    • Check information completeness and accuracy. Confirm official law or policy (not interpretation).
    • If need additional information:
      1. Ask submitter. (CC into any email correspondence for the record)
      2. Ask EOWG and WAI staff if have contact who can help. W3C country offices may also be able to assist.
      3. If needed, might ask WAI IG for help.
    • After info is validated, the resource editor submits a pull request in GitHub. Tag Reviewers: Shawn, Judy, and other Editor (none currently).
  3. After approved (currently by either Shawn or Judy, yet that might change later), merge the branch into the master branch after:
    • Add an order: number to the new file and change all order numbers in the other files so that the countries are in alphabetical order.

Minimum Required Information for Policy Publishing

New policies should have the following information in order to be published:

  • Country of policy
  • Policy name
  • Web address/URL of policy

Parameters for Listing


  • Official governmental polices
  • Appropriate supporting information from the same governmental agency/ responsible jurisdiction

Open issues:

  • What is "Appropriate supporting information"?
  • Clearly covers web (as opposed overall IT accessibility) - um, except that things like US ADA are relevant

Not include:

  • Interpretation
  • Implementation guidance beyond the law, especially if not from government body