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Policies Workflow

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The Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) publishes and maintains a resource listing of Web Accessibility Laws and Policies. In order to facilitate updates and encourage participation from all interested parties, the following workflow is followed when making updates to the resource.


  1. An update request is made via form submission, GitHub issue, or another direct contact method.
    • OPEN: It seems best of the submission form would create a Draft Pull Request, instead of an Issue (to save manual step below).
  2. Policies Resource Editor:
    • Confirm it is an official law or policy, not interpretation. (Often checking that the link is an official website, and checking a machine translation is sufficient enough to check that the information is indeed something that we want to link to.)
    • Check that the information is accurate and as complete as feasible.
    • If need additional information:
      1. Ask submitter. (CC into any email correspondence for the record)
      2. Ask EOWG and WAI staff if have contact who can help. W3C country chapters might be able to assist, although few have needed background.
    • If not a valid entry:
      1. Close issue.
    • When information is ready for review, Resource Editor prepares GitHub pull request with preview.
      • If it is an existing country:
        1. From the policies folder , click the country.
        2. Click the pencil icon for "Edit this file" (it's partway down the page, right aligned, after "Raw" and "Blame").
        3. The Editing page will open and it should say at the top "You’re making changes in a project you don’t have write access to. We’ve created a fork of this project for you to commit your proposed changes to. Submitting a change will write it to a new branch in your fork, so you can send a pull request." (If it does not, stop and tell Shawn to update permissions or update these instructions.)
        4. Make the changes. Under "Propose changes" heading, change "create" to "update country" and you can optionally put an extended description in the next box. Click the "Propose changes" green button.
        5. The Comparing changes page opens. You can scroll down to see the changes. Click the "Create pull request" green button right aligned.
        6. The Open a pull request page opens. Optionally, you can edit the summary and add comments, such as a link the issue the data comes from.
          • Click the drop down arrow at the end of the "Create pull request" green button. Take care to click on the arrow, not the words! [@@add screen reader instructions]
          • From the drop down, click "Create draft pull request".
          • The button text changes to "Draft pull reuest". Now, click that button text. :-)
        7. phew, you now have a draft pull request! After a few seconds you will see "Some checks haven’t completed yet"... After a couple minutes that will change to "All checks have passed".
        8. The last line says "netlify/wai-policies-prototype/deploy-preview — Deploy Preview ready!" and the "Details" at the end of it is the preview. You probably want to right-click and Open link in new tab or Open link in new window. You can then select the country and check your changes.
        9. If you want to make more changes:
          • Go back to the pull request page. There's a line that says something like: "[your-github-name] wants to merge 1 commit into w3c:master from [your-github-name]:patch-2". Click that last link "[your-github-name]:patch-2".
          • The Code page opens. In the list, Click "_policies".
          • In the list, select the country.
          • Click the pencil icon for "Edit this file" (it's partway down the page, right aligned, after "Raw" and "Blame").
          • Make your changes.
          • Leave the radio button that is selected, which is something like "Commit directly to the patch-2 branch." Click the "Commit changes" green button.
          • Wait for "Some checks haven’t completed yet" to change to "All checks have passed", and you can check the preview with the steps above.
        10. When all done, Assign Reviewers — currently Judy
      • If it is a new country:
        1. Copy the code from the issue (for example:
        2. Create a new file with the name of the country by clicking here: (change to, for example,
        3. Select “Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request.” on the bottom of the page.
        4. Mention the issue number in the comment.
        5. Click propose new file.
        6. On the next page, select “create pull request”.
        7. Check the presentation in the pull request preview.
        8. Make changes to the data in the pull request change until you’re satisfied.
        9. Assign Reviewers — currently Judy
  3. Reviewer (Judy) approves (or works with Editor until approved)
    • Assign it to publisher — currently Shawn
  4. Shawn will:
    • Add an order: number to the new file and change all order numbers in the other files so that the countries are in alphabetical order.
    • Merge
    • Publish
    • Confirm worked.

OPEN TO DO: Change main branch to 'main' and protect it.

Minimum Required Information for Policy Publishing

New policies should have the following information in order to be published:

  • Country of policy
  • Policy name
  • Web address/URL of policy (unless it's inaccessible, per below)

Parameters for Listing


  • Official governmental polices
  • Appropriate supporting information from the same governmental agency/ responsible jurisdiction
  • Clearly covers web or relevant digital technology

[OPEN ISSUE] Would be good to have clearer parameters for what is "appropriate supporting information" and what is not.

Do not include:

  • Interpretation
  • Implementation guidance beyond the law, especially if not from government body

Accessibility of links:

  • If totally inaccessible (e.g., PDF image of text), can add listing without link for now. Try to get them to provide accessible version. Create GitHub issue for accessibility of link.
  • [OPEN ISSUE] If somewhat accessible (e.g., HTML or .doc or PDF with readable text), OK to include link. Try to get them to provide accessible version. Create GitHub issue for improved accessibility of link.

WAI-CooP Updates


  1. Provide accurate information in the policy listing (new or updated) — Eric V.
  2. Prepare it for publication (more to do if country not already listed) — Eric V. and staff
  3. Review and approve policy listing — Judy
  4. Publish — Shawn

Moving from step-to step (to accommodate different preferred communication modes and communicate status clearly):

  • When the listing is ready for approval, Eric V.:
    • In GitHub, assigns Judy as Reviewer
    • Lists it in the "For Judy to Review" section below
    • Sends Judy an e-mail (not CCing Shawn please)
  • When Judy approves the listing, Judy:
    • In GitHub:
      • Approves it as Reviewer
      • Assigns it to Shawn
    • Lists it in the "For Shawn to Publish" section below

Video on how to see changes in code and rendered in preview

Eric V Working on

For Judy and Eric V to Discuss

For Judy to Review and Approve

For Shawn to Publish

(add note that not all listed in filter count)

Needs Updating

[Judy to understand, then decide priority] About missing metadata: Without it, the law won't show up in the numbers under "Law and Policy Overview Table", so it looks like we have many fewer than we do.

  • Luxembourg — needs metadata