Finding Your WAI

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Document: Finding Your WAI ("way") to New Web Accessibility Resources

(Initial ideas below from Andrew Arch and Shawn Henry.)

New Resources section

general: suggest only finalised resources since Jan 2014 for update

  • If so, we should delete "Some of them are in Draft stage as we gather more feedback." —Shawn



  • "Look through the Website Navigation" section:
    • add link to WAI Resources and explain it's the main things in the WAI nav
    • Maybe expand it a bit to explain the "annotated nav pages"
  • Delete "The "Documents Under Review by WAI IG" section of the WAI Interest Group (IG) page for a list of the draft documents that we're currently working on." (since we deleted that list because it wasn't a high enough priority to keep it updated)
  • Maybe delete the QR code if the fad has passed? Does anyone use those?
    • I'd say delete it. —Sharron
  • update footer