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EOWG F2F November 2017

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Meeting room: Bayside B, Lobby Level

W3C TPAC home page with registration, venue, transportation, etc.

Observers are welcome.


EO participants: please review and comment if there are additional items or timing changes needed.

Tuesday 7 November

  • GitHub Repos for site redesign - slides (Eric - 90 minutes)
  • Business case — new approach (Sharron - 30 minutes)
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Meeting with AGWG re: Understanding docs (1 hour)
  • 12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH with Publishing WG
  • Consideration of various resources: (with break when needed)
    • Training resources: How to approach interim updates — what to do with old resources, what to do as resources are updated (some before launch, and many after launch) (Vivienne 90 minute)
    • Eval tools (if needed) (check on Laura's availability)
    • Secondary resources and no longer updated resources (e.g., mobile, older users, business case pages, WCAG 1.0 info) — how to handle in visual design, nav, notifications, etc.

Wednesday 8 November

EOWG participants can choose among activities on Wednesday. If interested in helping with usability testing, coordinate with Charlotte. Otherwise, the TPAC activity schedule is linked below.

  1. Informal Usability testing among TPAC attendees (Charlotte and Liz)
  2. TPAC plenary and break out sessions Wednesday Schedule

Thursday 9 November

  • WAI site redesign — debrief from usability testing
  • WAI site redesign — work from UT input
    • Discuss potential "audiences portals"
  • Continue work from UT input
  • Wrap up, summarize, plan next steps.


Potential resources:

  • Business case (Sharron & Brent)
  • Intro to Accessibility (Shawn)
  • Mobile resources - what to do with old docs (Shawn)
  • Training resources (Vivienne)
  • Topics from redesign, e.g., home page

Ideas for topics

All ideas welcome for discussion, please add yours.

  • Preparing for the WCAG 2.1 Understanding document work - Shortly after TPAC we will be launching into a small group of us working directly with AGWG members to polish draft Understanding documents for the new 2.1 Success Criteria. Would like to spend time in this meeting discussing how this project will work and what support (if any) the EOWG as a whole can provide this small group. Maybe looking at a style guide and tweaking as well. — Brent
  • Prioritization of Post-Launch WAI Site Resource work - At this time we will have most resource updated and into the redesigned site. I think it would be good to look at those resources that were scheduled as post-launch, or identified as needing additional work, and prioritize them. Create a milestone plan for working through the rest of the content so we can get it in the site. — Brent
  • Outreach Planning - Would like to spend some quality time developing out our goals to improve and increase outreach (based on the new charter "Outreach" deliverable. — Brent
  • summary - idea — name


Attending in person

Attending Tue and Thur:

  • Shawn (Tue, Wed, Thur; on Thur I might have to step out some to help LVTF meeting)
  • Brent (Tue, Wed, Thur only)(arriving Monday evening, departing Friday morning)
  • Eric (also participating in Wednesday’s activities, maybe also some time Monday [late] and Friday [early])
  • Kris Anne
  • Vivienne (attending TPAC all week but have some other commitments there too. I'm down for all day Tuesday for EO, but also available Monday and Friday afternoon)
  • Amanda Mace (attending all week - will also take notes for Vivienne when she is at Exec. Forum and Publishing)
  • Nic Steenhout (Tue, Thur. Will be around Wednesday but not officially signed up for it)
  • Robert (Tue, Thur - available to work on Wed but not attending other W3C activities then)
  •  ? Charlotte, James, Liz - ? arriving Tue morning, departing Thur afternoon

Attending Tue only:

  • Shadi (could possibly participate on Wed)

Attending Thur only:

By phone

Please list the times in [ Pacific time, that you can participate by phone.

  • Laura - Thursday only 9-11 PDT
  • Norah

Cannot participate

  • Howard (It's the week before AHG)
  • Vicki (participating in a European Art Fair, Nov. 7-111)
  • Denis (not approved for travel - might phone in if possible)
  • Sylvie
  • Stéphane Deschamps (I would love to come of course, but not scheduled this time)
  • Jesús Pulido (I may have availability to phone in)